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Broken Halo

See the world with your Heart

the admired paramour

Hong Kong, 1988

i am..

adine, a beloved child of Jesus. a freelance writer. in touch with 3 imaginary friends. pretty good at talking to myself. always online. a music junkie. a disorganised nut. a very quiet person in the mornings. not very good with numbers. a culture vulture. a thinker. a feeler. in love with music. always with my ipod video. always reading. a singer in the shower who thinks that no one is able to hear her. an admirer of the sophisticated world of fashion, but can't dress like a model. a child of the Lord most high.

i can be..

indifferent. emotional. offended. nonsensical. noisy. contradicting. quiet. withdrawn. crazyandtalknonstop. impatient. patient. narcissistic. forgetful. illogical. stalkerish looking at nothing. singing to everything. talking to anything.

i collect..

music & memories.

i listen to anything ...

tokyo jihen. shiina ringo. lykke li. duffy. amy winehouse. incubus. daughtry. rip slyme. pe'z. koda kumi. love psychedelico. kaela kimura. the postal service. rilo kiley. tegan & sera. janet seidel. diana krall. jason mraz. jack johnson. gorillaz. fort minor. norah jones. hard-fi. ok go. lily allen. the kooks. the raconteurs. jamiroquai. muse. olivia ong. ben lee. the automatic. missy higgins. green day.

i watch too much tv...

nevermind the buzzcocks. my family. heroes. russell brand. veronica mars. girls of the playboy mansion. my wife and kids. the mighty boosh. little britain. j-doramas. nip tuck. cold case. nigella's. how i met your mother. black books. miami ink. south park. boston legal. grey's anatomy. drew carey's green screen show. the office. project runway. las vegas. foster's home for imaginary friends. desperate housewives. just shoot me. the osbournes. coupling. 70's show. daria. gilmore girls.

its ok to..

add me if you wish, i could like you. i like new people. and you ought to because i love my friends. pookey talk if you want me to add you back :)

i think..

be bold and gracious; these are powerful traits.


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